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Rural Revival

A couple months ago I came across an Instagram account called Rural Revival. Of course I was drawn to a name like that, and they had a cool logo, too! (I'm a sucker for a good logo). I looked into what they were all about and what I read sealed the deal:

"Bringing America back to the idea at a time."

And reading on... "We're the ones who believe country life really is the best life, and we showcase the hardworking people who are finding creative ways to do life in rural communities all across America."

This is a cause near and dear to my heart so I reached out and began messaging with Danna Larson, the founder or Rural Revival. She asked if I would write a few blog posts about Rural Route Rust and the pumpkin patch, and the first one was published this morning. Here's a link:

Besides for a blog they also do a podcast and are on Facebook and Instagram. It is exciting to see the enthusiasm and effort going in to supporting (and hopefully saving) our rural communities. As I wrote in the post, all of the vendors at our show are small businesspeople, many of them rural, and helping them succeed is a favorite perk of hosting the RRR market. We love our rural community and can't wait to share it with all of you on May 5th!

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