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Spring at the Farm

We have a couple monthly markets under our belts now and it's time we can take a breath and reflect. The May "Garden Market with Friends" was a big success! Mother Nature cooperated splendidly (with both our spring events so far!) and we had a beautiful weekend. Lots of shoppers went home with plants, flowers, junk, vintage home/garden decor, coffee, smoothies, fairy gardens and handmade goods from the 5 artisans who set up shop in our schoolhouse. The ladies of First Lutheran Church sold lunch and desserts with all profits donated to Nebraska & Iowa flood relief. They raised over $1200!

We appreciate everyone who has shown their support of this new monthly market plan. While there have been those who were expecting the big vendor market (like we held here the past 6 years) and plenty of questions about "when is your big show?" and "why aren't you doing that any more?" I think most people understand and will hopefully continue to come to the farm our future events. (Read New Year, New Plans for more on this decision.) Personally, Terry and I are really enjoying it do not miss the anxiety and worry that came with hosting an event with 40+ vendors. Now we can focus more on finding and fixing up the very best vintage goods and serving our customers with a unique on-farm shopping experience that we hope leave visitors feeling refreshed and inspied.

Here are a few favorite photos of our May and June markets. We'll do it again July 19-21 for the Annual Barn Sale, our biggest sale of the year!

Happy fairy garden creators! Class was conducted by Simply Home Sweet Home.

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