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One bite at a time.

It has been COLD here--like consistently way below normal--since just before Christmas. This weather has only reinforced what we already knew; we need a warm (or at least semi-warm) spot to work or we will never be ready for spring shows.

There is plenty of space in our garage (a wide open metal building) and in normal winter conditions Terry can bundle up and work out there for awhile with the kerosene heater blasting. It's noisy, smelly, and not warm enough for my wimpy bod so I always find something "important" to do inside. Today we headed to the home improvement store to get a start on what we hope to accomplish out there in the long term -- a fully-insulated and finished space that we can use for an admission/checkout area during pumpkin patch season and a workshop the rest of the year.

For now we'll insulate the ceiling in half of the building. The walls on that side are already insulated and it's where Terry keeps all his tools. He can drop a curtain to keep in some of the heat (probably still from that noisy, smelly heater) and at least this way the the warmth will have fewer places to escape. It's kind of like how I'm told you eat an elephant -- one bite at a time.

As we were loading up I noticed how the stacks of treated lumber created patterns and a pretty color palette. They're waiting for spring and I am, too!

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