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Climb up and ride.

Okay, so the quote below might be a little bit dramatic for what this post is really about--marketing. But it's also about technology, which really can be a dramatic ride. Especially when you're like me and somewhat slow when it comes to such matters. Would you believe it was 2018 before I figured out how to take a screen shot? But I'm learning. And just when I think I know what's what and I'm catching up someone moves the finish line.

You've probably heard that Facebook is changing things up, again. We've always relied on FB to stay in touch with our customers, especially when it comes to advertising the RRR Vintage + Handmade Market. A few years ago it was almost the only form of advertising we used because it was SO successful. Each year we've seen our reach decline as algorithms changed. Now it sounds like business posts will be seen even less, unless they are paid for or receive a lot of comments or shares. I don't mind paying to promote posts if they are important but I will miss the more everyday interactions with followers, and will also be disappointed to not see regular posts from the pages that I follow. I'm inspired by what my fellow vintage vendors are doing and enjoy keeping up with them and other small businesses on Facebook.

So, it's time to adapt. Instagram is my new favorite platform and I'm trying to learn how to use that better. And just yesterday I posted my first Instagram story. Some people do it soooo well, and there is much to be inspired by. There is also much to learn.

However, plenty of customers and potential customers aren't on Instragram, so reaching them is the next challenge. This website and blog are recent adds that will hopefully bridge some of that gap. If you're a businessperson, what platforms do you use? And if you're a shopper/customer/vintage enthusiast, what platforms do you utilize? I would love to hear your input in the comments. Thanks for joining me on the ride.

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