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Vintage Brings Heart (Eyes) to your Home

To create some fun and engaging content for the RRR Facebook page I started posting groups of photos from Pinterest showcasing different decorating styles that incorporate vintage elements. I chose a different style each day and asked viewers to comment if that style was one of their favorites. It was fun to see what people reacted to, and gave me some insight on what sorts of things I should be on the hunt for as we gather items for upcoming shows.

The styles I highlighted were, in descending order from most popular to least popular, "My Happy Place" (a term I made up where the photos showed fun, funky and anything-goes collections), Cottage, Farmhouse, Traditional, Cabin, Retro/Kitsch, Romantic Country/Granny Chic, Boho, Vintage Industrial and Vintage Modern. Of course posts on the weekends got more likes than post on a weeknight, so that may have some effect on the results. There were no big surprises; I expected Farmhouse to be up toward the top, with Cottage and Traditional close by as those styles tend to blend and complement each other. I was pretty overwhelmed by the response to the Happy Place post -- y'all really love lockers and globes and fun accents and I promise to keep searching for them for you!!

The moral of the story is vintage goods work with almost any decorating style, and hopefully the love of, and desire for, vintage home accents continues to be strong. We are amassing a BIG collection of great pieces to offer shoppers at our upcoming Vintage + Handmade Market (May 5th!) and the shows we'll be traveling to this spring and summer. I know our vendors are constantly on the hunt too, and I can't wait to see the results of their hard work.

Here are a few photos that got the biggest response last week. To see the entire collection visit our Pinterest board -- I'll bet you'll be as inspired as I was!

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