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The first 22 sunsets

2019 has started with a bang here at the farm! We've had beautiful sunsets and almost every type of weather imaginable, from temps in the 50s to start the month, to single-digit highs, to two-foot deep snowdrifts in the yard today. (In case you were wondering, I would choose the 50-degree temps. "Why do I live someplace where the air hurts my face?")

Our last calf of the season was born last week. We knew her mama, Nina, was getting close so we brought her into the barn when there was a cold plunge predicted. Both are doing well and will join their friends in the pasture once the weather improves. For now they're enjoying the heat lamp. #spoiled

We were first-time vendors at a long running antique show in Lincoln, NE Jan. 11-12. It was nice to be back in the selling saddle and close to home (no hotel nights required!). Despite a big snowstorm Friday night which greatly reduced attendance on Saturday we cleared out some inventory and enjoyed seeing some fantastic, jaw-dropping antiques in the booths of our fellow vendors.

It's not as easy finding inventory during the winter, but we're always hunting good junk and have found lots of fun items this month. Terry added some new doors to his workshop so he can keep it toasty and work on projects. Between completed projects and successful gathering trips the barn is starting to fill up! That's a good thing, because we have some exciting things coming up this spring...

We're going to Round Top!!! Selling at Marburger Farm during Texas Antiques Week has been on our bucket list for awhile. Last spring we were on the waiting list but it wasn't meant to be. So can you imagine my excitement when that email came in, "Are you still interested???" Um, YES! So now we're planning and collecting and rehabbing. And freaking out. And plannng. And collecting. And rehabbing. The show is April 2-6, and we'll have to hurry home, repack the trailer, hug the dog, and head to Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, MN the next weekend. It will be a whirlwind and we'll probably sleep for a week when we get home, but dang it will be fun.

Our full schedule for the first half of 2019 is on the website. Whether it's at home or on the road, we look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for following along!

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