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New Year, New Plans

Happy 2019! We wanted to tell you all about what we've got cookin' for the upcoming year. After six fun years our annual spring vendor market has come to an end. We will miss hosting our vendor friends but felt a calling to take Rural Route Rust in a slightly different direction.

The difference for you, the customer, is one we hope you love -- more opportunities to visit and shop the farm! We will be starting a series of monthly markets from May through September, and will continue to host the Pumpkin Festival Sept. 28-Oct. 27. The complete schedule is at the end of this post. Monthly markets will feature primarily RRR premium vintage goods, but we will carry locally handmade goods and home decor like cowhide rugs, too. A few of our vendor friends may also pop up occasionally! The barn and schoolhouse will showcase fresh merchandise each month and market themes will change with the seasons. We are excited by the challenge this will bring, as well as the opportunity to see you all more often!

Of course we will still be taking our show on the road, traveling to vintage markets around the Midwest, and helping to host the Very Vintage Christmas Market with The Junk Association Nov. 29-30.

Thank you for coming along for our new adventure! Cheers to a happy, healthy new year for you and yours.

2019 Monthly Market Schedule

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