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If you don't hear from me by August...

Please excuse the long gap between posts. It always takes awhile after the RRR Vintage + Handmade Market for my brain to recover and for the creative juices to start flowing again!

Here's a little RRR recap. Set up day was a perfect Nebraska spring day, the kind you dream of with warm-but-not-hot temps, blue skies and just the right amount of breeze. Show day, May 5, dawned clear and warmed up nicely. We did get an afternoon shower but it was nothing junkers couldn't handle. There was a long line of shoppers for the 10 a.m. opening and everyone had a fun time celebrating Cinco de Mayo by shopping and enjoying tacos, margaritas, pie and kettle corn. (Okay, those last two aren't traditional Cinco de Mayo fare, but couldn't they be?) I'll share some pics of the day below.

Since RRR we've been going all sorts of directions. Weekends are spent together hunting up more great vintage goods, while many of Terry's weekday hours have been devoted to preparing for his parents' auction on June 9. His dad retired from farming last year and is selling off much of his machinery and other stuff that accumulates from two generations of farming. There has been a lot of digging out, cleaning, sorting and organizing going on. We also weaned the six calves and moved the cows and horses to the pastures. (I use the term "we" VERY loosely here -- it's 99% Terry.) He's also started cutting and baling hay which will continue off and on all summer. My contribution is keeping him fed and wearing clean clothes. I've also been designing the pumpkin patch website and postcards, mowing, and cleaning and pricing new-old stuff, .

After the auction we will plant pumpkins for the 14th annual Pumpkin Festival at Bloom Where You're Planted Farm. If you haven't visited in the fall I hope you'll make plans to do so this year. We have a whole slate of fun stuff to do, food to eat, and of course the barn will be filled with vintage and antique goods plus extra fall-season decor and gifts. Check out the freshly-updated website HERE.

In addition to the Barn Sale here at the farm July 20-21 we'll be traveling to three new-to-us shows this summer --find out where we'll be HERE -- so it will be a busy season keeping up with it all. Stay tuned to our blog to see how we manage, and if you don't hear from me by August send help! ;)

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