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Getting ready for RRR, part 1

It's about 5 1/2 weeks until the RRR Vintage + Handmade Market on May 5th, so I thought I'd write a little about what that looks like and what we've been up to lately.

Promoting the event is always on my mind. I want to do the best job possible to get people here to buy from our vendors and make it a great show for them. That is priority #1! We are close to being sold out but do have a few spaces available. It's looking like a great mix of vintage vendors with some really neat makers coming as well. I'm concentrating a lot on Facebook posts, which includes promoted posts advertising the market, vendor previews (which are created and will start posting soon), and just trying to let potential shoppers know what fun it will be to come and what awesome stuff they can buy here! Instagram is another good resource, as are online calendars (think t.v. and radio station's websites and community newsletters) and even a little print advertising. Press releases are ready to go out a little closer to the event so maybe you'll see us in your local newspaper.

The reason we started having the market, and another motivator to work hard at promoting it, is because we want to sell our vintage goods, too. We continue to hunt, pick and gather "new" stuff, but we have been focusing more on fixing up project pieces we've accumulated but haven't taken time to tackle until now. Moving the market to May instead of early April has really helped there. We've been firing up the heaters in the garage (it is refusing to warm up much around here!) and setting to work sanding, painting, repairing and finishing projects of all sizes. Some are fun, some are total pains in the butt, but finishing them and moving them to the "ready to be sold" area feels fantastic!

Sometimes we have to push the pause button on junk and focus on other tasks, like taxes (the appointment is next week and I haven't even started) ordering pumpkin seeds (glad that's finally done) and tending to the livestock (we only let the cows escape once and I didn't hit anything pulling the huge trailer full of hay home today!)

Thank goodness for planners and to-do lists. I'll try to check in a few more times before showtime. Thanks for following along -- we hope to see you soon!

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