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Sometimes on the treasure hunt you may come across a painting with an ugly or outdated frame. The frame screams "1970s!" or "1980s!" so loudly that you might not notice the artwork itself. Thrift stores, garage sales, auctions...ugly framed art is everywhere.

I enourage you to look past the frame at what's on the canvas. It might just be an ugly painting, and if that's the case, leave it sit. But if you are attracted to the colors, subject matter or style of the artwork, and the price is right (which it often is) buy it! You can reframe it, hang the unframed canvas or prop it against the wall in a table or shelf vignette.

I bought this oil painting of apples at an auction yesterday. The colors are pretty and it's nicely done, but the wood/linen frame was stuffy and outdated. Just look at how much more stylish it is without the frame! And I only had to give $1 (woot, woot!) So don't judge a book by its cover or a painting by its frame. Happy hunting!

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Laurie Engel Owens
Laurie Engel Owens
Jan 29, 2018

I love old painting without frames too! It looks so much better! So pretty!

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